Thursday, August 15, 2013

20 weeks and 3 days....HALF WAY THERE!

We have reached the 20 week marker of our pregnancy!  Which is really exciting!  I had my very first ultrasound/sonogram with this pregnancy on Tuesday afternoon.  It was a very fun time, as we got to see Baby Colt for the very first time!  10 fingers, 10 toes and baby is growing right on time for a December 31 arrival...if not a few days sooner!  Our appointment was unique in a way that....we did not find out if Baby Colt is a Boy or a Girl.  That information was secretly stuffed into an envelope and sealed tight!  ( I even held it up to the light to see if I could catch a clue, with no luck).  This envelope will be handed to a special baker this evening so she can make cupcakes for us and some guests at our "Gender Reveal Party" next weekend!  So.....we are just a tad bit well as our families too!  We took our "20 wk" pregnancy picture last night, so here it is:
We visited the farm the other night and figured we better get a picture in front of Allison's GIANT sunflowers!  The photos were taken with my cell phone, so they aren't that great of quality, but here they are:

We can't believe how tall they are this year!  It all started back in 2010 when Allison and I planted the mammoth sunflowers.  We normally harvest the seeds off the flower heads, but last year the birds got to them first and a lot of the seeds fell to the ground. SO....that meant....lots of flower stalks this year!  Mom and Dad debated tearing them out....or digging up the plants and replanting in another area of the farm, but never got to it.  I think I even pulled a few out of the ground so there wouldn't be that many, but I guess I didn't pull enough!  We are looking forward to harvesting the seeds this year, so we can plant them in other spots next spring!  Or....we might just bake them up and eat them!  YUM!

We also spent this past weekend up at Lake Okoboji, at the LCMS Camp Okoboji on West Lake with Mom's side of the family!  We had a blast as usual!  On our busiest day/night we figured there were 28 of us in the cabin.  We also figured up, if everyone could have made it this year, we would have had 40 people there!  Maybe next year!  Grandma was so happy that those of us there made it.  While waiting in the cabin before checkout time, Grandma was figuring up the numbers and she had a huge smile on her face and I'm pretty sure she wiped a tear or two away.  She just loves having everyone there!  Just like the old days, house full of kids :)  I will try to post some photos of our weekend there in my next post!  Until then....

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