Friday, August 30, 2013

It's a......


On Saturday, we were surrounded by our family and close friends for our Baby Colt Gender Reveal Party!  We had a wonderful time catching up with family and friends, that we haven't seen due to our busy schedules.  It was quite the night!  Around 7:15pm Chris, Allison and I grabbed a cupcake and bit into it!  Low and behold, our filling was PINK!! December we will be welcoming a baby girl to the Colt Clan.  Of course, I was super excited ( i would have been no matter what) to add another girl!  Since I know the "girl things"  I think Daddy was hoping for a boy, but he was pretty sure that we would get a girl!  The nice part about having a girl.....we can doll her up all classy like....but living in this area....we can throw some camo on her and she can sport a bow or gun (when old enough) and she can do "boy" things!  Big Sister Allison is pretty excited.  Chris kept telling her that she will have to do her share of diaper changes and she replies with a big NO!  I'm sure she will be all about helping feed the baby and rocking her.  We are all very excited and we are happy that baby is healthy and growing!  I'm hoping this kiddo has a head of hair when she comes out, b/c my heartburn is just through the roof!  :)
Here are some photos from our fun party!

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